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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who do I make the check for my condo fee payable to?

A:   Your Check will be made payable to your Condo Association.

Q: Where do I send my Condo Fee?

A:   Your fee should be sent to your Condo Association c/o Phoenix Companies, Inc. at 650 Lincoln St., Worcester, MA 01605

Q: What is the board meeting schedule?

A:   Please refer to the Homeowner Account Access area at the link above.

Q:  What items am I responsible for and what items is my Association responsible for? 

Q:  What is the pet policy?


Q:  Can I plant flowers or remove shrubs? 


Q:  What can I put out in the trash?


A:   All of these and more questions can be answered by reading your Association Rules & Regulations available at the Homeowner Account Access link.